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The University of Waikato, located in the central North Island city of Hamilton, is an internationally recognised tertiary institution offering degree programmes designed to produce job-ready graduates. Each year, the University provides more than 2,000 industry placements and internship opportunities, believing its students benefit from the chance to put the theory they have learnt in classrooms, into practice in a real-world employment environment.With a diverse student population - we have students representing more than 80 different nationalities - the University offers a welcoming and vibrant garden campus environment where students are encouraged to study and play.  This diversity spills into our classrooms, adding an extra dimension to learning through working with people of different cultures and backgrounds.When students choose to study with us, they gain a globally recognised education. In 2018, the QS World University Rankings placed the University of Waikato 274th in the world, an improvement of 127 places in five years. The University is also in the top 100 for research impact, meaning their research is amongst some of the most influential in the world.   Academic staff at Waikato are passionate about their areas of expertise and are committed to helping their students build the skills and knowledge required to be successful in their careers. Inside and out of the classroom, you will be encouraged to engage with your lecturers, to ask questions and generate debate.Beyond academic life, the University has an enthusiastic and energetic international student support team who are dedicated to helping international students with life outside the classroom including medical insurance, visa renewals as well as organising social events to connect you with other students and the wider community. For high achieving international students, the University offers an International Excellence Scholarship, up to NZ$10,000.  For more information click here.As the University of Waikato continues to grow, it is expanding its teaching and research activity to the Bay of Plenty region, building a new campus in Tauranga's CBD, opening to students in February 2019. 
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位於北島中心的懷卡托大學是一所國際認可的高等教育機構, 提供學位課程, 旨在培養就業導向的畢業生。每年, 該大學提供2000多個行業安置和實習機會, 相信其學生受益於把他們在課堂上學到的理論付諸實踐的機會。

隨着學生人數的多樣化--我們的學生代表了80多個不同的國家--大學提供了一個歡迎和充滿活力的花園式的校園環境, 鼓勵學生學習和玩耍。 這種多樣性滲透到我們的課堂上, 通過與不同文化和背景的人合作, 為學習增添了額外的空間。

當學生選擇與我們一起學習時, 他們獲得了全球認可的教育。在 2018年, QS 世界大學排名放在世界第274的懷卡托大學, 在五年里提高了127個名次。本大學也在世界研究影響力100強, 這意味着他們的研究有一些最有世界影響力。

懷卡托大學的學術人員對他們的專業領域充滿熱情, 並致力於幫助學生培養在職業生涯中成功所需的技能和知識。在教室內外, 你會被鼓勵與你的講師接觸, 提出問題並進行討論。除了學術生活, 大學有一個熱情和精力充沛的國際學生支持團隊, 他們致力於幫助國際學生在課堂外的生活, 包括醫療保險, 簽證續訂, 以及組織社交活動將您與其他學生和更廣泛的社區聯系起來。

對於高成就的國際學生, 大學提供國際優秀獎學金, 高達1萬新西蘭元。隨着懷卡托大學的不斷壯大, 它正在將其教學和研究活動擴展到大量地區, 在陶朗加的 CBD 建立一個新校區, 在2019年2月向學生開放。

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Address/地址: PO Box 3105, Hamilton, Waikato
Phone/電話:  0064 7 838 4448 
Fax Number/傳真:  0064 7 838 4253 
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Update Date/更新日期: 2018-01-25 
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HAMILTON 3240 0064 7 838 4448