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Lincoln University recognises that the world is changing: as global resources dwindle, the population grows and the environment is compromised, consumer demands are increasing and mankind still wants to live well on our planet. There has never been a better time to take a specialist land-based qualification. Since its inception in 1878 Lincoln has been a key contributor to the core interests of New Zealand and the global economy - and our graduates are well-placed to tackle the big issues, to: feed the world, protect the future, and live well. Lincoln University is highly connected to industry for research collaboration and commercialisation, which in turn informs our teaching across three broad areas: agriculture and life sciences; environment, society and design; and commerce.
林肯大學認識到, 世界正在發生變化: 隨着全球資源的減少、人口的增長和環境的破壞, 消費者需求的增加, 人類仍然希望在我們的星球上生活得好。從來沒有比這更好的時候來獲得專門的陸基資格認證。自1878年成立以來, 林肯一直是新西蘭和全球經濟核心利益的關鍵貢獻者--我們的畢業生完全有能力解決重大問題, 以: 養活世界, 保護未來, 過上美好的生活。林肯大學與研究合作和商業化行業有着密切的聯系, 這反過來又為我們在三大領域的教學提供了信息: 農業和生命科學;環境、社會和設計;和商業。
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Address/地址: Canterbury,Lincoln University,PO Box 85 084, Christchurch, Canterbury
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