New Zealand Institute of Technical Training Limited     (New Zealand 科技培训学院)
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The primary mission of the Institute is to become a center for excellence offering an education with programmes and services that are person, industry and community oriented supported by appropriate resources and technology. To fulfill this mission, we shall design, deliver, and continually improve highly effective programmes for learners through advanced graduate and professional levels influenced by the reciprocal relationship between scholarship and practice; collaborate with other educational institutes across New Zealand and in other professional and community settings as partners; and provide leadership in teaching, learning, assessment, and professional development for diverse community within New Zealand.
該學院的主要任務是成為一個卓越的中心,提供教育項目和服務,為適當的資源和技術支持的人、行業和社區。為了完成這項任務, 我們將為學習者設計、交付和持續改進高效能的課程, 並通過學術和實踐的相互關系影響學術和實踐;與新西蘭其他教育機構和其他專業和社區環境的合作伙伴合作;並在新西蘭的多元化社區中為教學、學習、評估和專業發展提供領導力。
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Address/地址: Northland
Phone/電話:  0064 9 5514597 
Fax Number/傳真:  0064 9 5514596 
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Update Date/更新日期: 2018-01-25 
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Location & Number Street Address Contact Number
1 Hutt Road, Manurewa, Auckland 2101 9 5514597
Level 1, Toll Stadium, 51 Okara Drive, Whangarei 0140
Level 13, 155 Queen Street, CBD, Auckland 1010 9 551 4597