New Zealand College of Chiropractic     (新西兰脊椎神经学院)
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The New Zealand College of Chiropractic is an educational institution that offers a Bachelor of Chiropractic degree. Students graduate after four years of full time study preceded by a prerequisite year of basic sciences at university.The College is renowned worldwide for ground-breaking research in the chiropractic field, and for its highly qualified international teaching faculty. The onsite Chiropractic Centre prepares students with hands-on learning, exposure to essential chiropractic techniques, and a high level of real patient experience. Thus, students are practice-ready by the time they graduate.Career opportunities are plentiful in chiropractic practice, teaching, and research, with graduates high demand in New Zealand and around the world.
新西蘭脊醫學院是一家提供脊醫學位的教育機構。學生經歷4年的全職學習可以獲得本科學位, 之前是一個先決條件的一年的大學基礎科學學習。學院是 世界聞名的脊椎矯正領域的突破性研究, 並為其高素質 國際教員.現場脊椎按摩中心為學生准備 動手學習, 接觸到必要的脊椎矯正技術, 以及高水平的真正的病人經驗。因此, 學生在畢業時就已經做好了練習准備。在脊椎的練習、教學和研究中, 職業機會豐富, 在新西蘭和世界各地畢業生的需求很高。
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Address/地址: Newmarket, Auckland, Auckland
Phone/電話:  0064 9 526 6789 
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Newmarket, Auckland 1149 0064 9 526 6789