New Zealand Skydiving School     (New Zealand 高空跳伞学院)
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The New Zealand Skydiving School is the only organisation to offer a diploma in commercial skydiving, a formal skydiving qualification, providing you with the perfect opportunity to gain access to an exciting career with international prospects.

Our course is NZQA approved, with Government funding and subsidies available.This 32 week course teaches you the latest skydiving techniques, covers a vast range of subjects and includes a work placement, to give you the best start in the industry, here in NZ or overseas.

Upon course completion you will have a minimum of 200 skydives with some excellent career prospects, have experienced working in the industry and be employable in a range of roles.
新西蘭跳傘學校是唯一提供商業跳傘文憑的組織, 一個正式的跳傘文憑, 為您提供了一個絕佳的機會, 以獲得一個激動人心的事業與國際前景。

我們的課程是 NZQA 批准的, 政府提供資金和補貼。這32周的課程教你最新的跳傘技術, 涵蓋了廣泛的主題, 包括一個工作安排, 給你在這個行業最好的開始,, 在新西蘭或海外。

課程完成后, 您將有至少 200 次跳傘與一些優秀的職業前景, 有經驗的行業工作, 並可以勝任一系列的角色
Contact Details / 聯系方式
Address/地址: Parakai, Auckland, Auckland
Phone/電話:  0064 800 921650 
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Update Date/更新日期: 2018-01-25 
School District / 校區信息
Location & Number Street Address Contact Number
73 Green Road, Parakai, Parakai, Auckland 0874 800 921650
76 Green Road, Parakai, Auckland 0874 0800 921 6500