NZ Institute of Business & Technology     (NZ 商科技术学院)
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NZIBT believes in the personal transformational power of education, its role in creating a productive society, and its ability to make a difference in the quality of life.NZIBT is located within the Lincoln University campus grounds, an environment that is supportive, inclusive and rewarding for students and encouraging them to become a part of the Lincoln' way of life at the campus and to make use of the services available as an NZIBT student.Our approach is intensively student focused and staff are fully committed to facilitating studies and helping resolve any issues which may make living and studying a challenge. Staff are accessible and able to be contacted easily and confidentially.Not only do NZIBT agree to and observe the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students we also have support services available.NZIBT seeks to be a quality, NZQA category one, private training provider teaching applied vocational programmes of study from Level 4 - Level 7 on the New ZealandQualifications Framework
NZIBT 相信教育的個人變革力量, 它在創造一個生產性社會中的作用, 以及它對生活質量的影響的能力。NZIBT 坐落在林肯大學校園, 這是一個支持、包容和獎勵學生的環境, 鼓勵他們成為林肯大學校園生活的一部分, 並利用現有的服務作為 NZIBT學生。我們的做法是集中學生的注意力, 工作人員充分致力於促進研究和幫助解決任何可能使生活和學習面臨挑戰的問題。工作人員可以方便和保密地聯系。NZIBT 不僅同意並遵守國際學生牧養的實踐守則, 我們還提供支持服務。
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Address/地址: P O Box 85055 Lincoln University, Christchurch, Auckland
Phone/電話:  0064 21 933 137 
Fax Number/傳真:  0064  
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Update Date/更新日期: 2018-01-25 
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Location & Number Street Address Contact Number
NZ Institute of Business & Technology, Lincoln University, Ellesmere Junction Road/Springs Road, Lincoln 7647 21 933 137
Lincoln University, Ellesmere Junction Road/Springs Road, Lincoln, Canterbury 7647 21 933 137
Level 1, 17 Albert Street, Auckland, Auckland 1010 21 933 137