Polyethnic Institute of Studies     (教育学院)
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The Institute is situated in Manukau, Auckland, NZ.First registered in 1993, and has for the past 24 years delivered education in South Auckland as a Pasifika Training Provider.The Institute is currently ranked 1st in South Auckland in Course Completions at 93%.NZQA is Confident in the Educational Performance and Confident in the Capability of Self-assessment of Polyethnic Institute of StudiesPolyethnic offers courses in English Level, Healthcare and Business (Management and Leadership).info@polyethnic.ac.nz
該學院坐落在新西蘭奧克蘭的曼努考。第一次注冊於 1993年, 並已在過去24年中作為 Pasifika 培訓機構在南奧克蘭提供教育. 該學院目前在南奧克蘭排名第一, 學業完成率達到了93%。NZQA 對其教育表現有信心, 對 Polyethnic StudiesPolyethnic 學院的自我評估能力有信心, 提供英語水平、醫療保健和商業 (管理和領導) 課程. 
Contact Details / 聯系方式
Address/地址: Otara, Auckland, Auckland
Phone/電話:  0064 9 271 6106 
Fax Number/傳真:  0064 9 271 6106 
Email/郵箱:  info@polyethnic.ac.nz 
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Update Date/更新日期: 2018-01-25 
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Location & Number Street Address Contact Number
Otara, Auckland 2159 0064 9 271 6106