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VARDA (originally Waikato School of Hairdressing) has been under the management of Deb Clark since 1991. During this time VARDA has seen many, many students through its doors and successfully out the other side working in great salons and enjoying amazing careers.VARDA not only tutors in hairdressing, which is a major focus, but their competencies extend to barbering (which is making a comeback), retail, hospitality, travel, tourism and fashion training. It's certainly worth considering VARDA as an option for further education and career choices.

VARDA (原本懷卡托的美發學院) 自1991年起一直受到 Deb Clark的管理。在這段時間里, VARDA 有了許多學生通過它的大門, 成功地在另一邊工作在偉大的沙龍和享受驚人的事業。VARDA 不僅是美容的導師, 這是一個主要的焦點, 但他們的能力延伸到理發界, 零售, 酒店, 旅游, 旅游和時尚培訓。當然值得考慮 VARDA 作為進一步教育和職業選擇的選擇。

Contact Details / 聯系方式
Address/地址: Hamilton, Waikato
Phone/電話:  0064 7 838 3744 
Fax Number/傳真:  0064 7 838 3744 
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Update Date/更新日期: 2018-01-25 
School District / 校區信息
Location & Number Street Address Contact Number
389 Anglesea Street, Hamilton 3240 7 838 3744
Hamilton Central
10/307 Barton Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton 3204 7 838 3744