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Elite Management School (EMS) is a Private Training Establishment based in the centre of Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. We are rated as a Category 2 provider by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. EMS has a sister educational provider based in San Francisco (under the same ownership).New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) registration and listing - confident in educational performance and confident in capability for self-assessment)USA government registration and school listingWe offer:career-ready educational programmes that are tailored to your specific learning needs;a unique and rewarding education experience in both Wellington, New Zealand, or San Francisco, via our unique pathway arrangement.
 Programmes for international studentsOur Mission: Career-Ready GraduatesWe prepare each student with the relevant knowledge and skills, employment competencies, values, and attitudes that they need to make a meaningful difference to their career success. This will allow them to have the skills and experience to make a significant contribution to their lives, their families and surrounding communities.Our Core ValuesOur core values serve as a compass for how we act and behave at work. We inspire success for each of you with our core values:We value successful outcomes for our graduates - we are with you every step of the way, whatever it takesWe value quality and excellence - nothing can be accomplished without hard work and high standardsWe value openness and transparency - we believe in resolving issues earlyWe value being part of the solution - we know we can count on each other to help you succeedWe value a balanced way of life - we care for you and ourselves by embracing achievement and happiness in life

精英管理學校(EMS) 是一個私立培訓機構, 總部設在新西蘭首都惠靈頓中心。我們被新西蘭學歷管理局評為2類教育機構。EMS 有一個姊妹教育提供商在舊金山 (在相同的所有權下)。 新西蘭學歷管理局 (NZQA) 注冊和上市-自信的教育表現和自信的能力, 自我評估) 美國政府注冊和學校名單我們提供: 適合您特定學習需要的職業准備教育方案; 在惠靈頓、新西蘭或舊金山, 通過我們獨特的路徑安排, 擁有獨特而有價值的教育經驗。 

Contact Details / 聯系方式
Address/地址: CBD, Wellington, Wellington
Phone/電話:  0064 4 801 9180 
Fax Number/傳真:  0064 4 801 9181 
Email/郵箱:  karen@ems.ac.nz 
Education Organisation Number
Education Organisation Location:
Update Date/更新日期: 2018-01-25 
School District / 校區信息
Location & Number Street Address Contact Number
Level 3, 4 & 6 Grand Central Tower, 76-86 Manner Street, Wellington 6011 4 801 9180
Unit 3, Block C, 48 Somme Road, Trentham, Upper Hutt, Wellington 5018 4 801 9180