New Zealand School of Dance     (新西兰舞蹈学校)
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One of the southern hemisphere's leading dance conservatoires, the New Zealand School of Dance offers world class training in classical ballet and contemporary dance. The School's full-time training prepares dancers for a career in professional dance performance.

The school offers two or three-year qualifications for students aged between 16 to 20. Auditions are held annually in Sept/Oct in NZ and Australia. International students may submit a video audition. Students are required to have reached certain levels of dance and academic achievement and have a good level of conversational English to study at the School.

On average 80% of graduates gain work within six months, with many joining major Australasian and international dance companies.
作為南半球領先的舞蹈音樂學校之一, 新西蘭舞蹈學院在古典芭蕾和當代舞蹈中提供世界級的培訓。學校的全職培訓為舞蹈演員的職業舞蹈表演做准備。

學校為年齡在16到20之間的學生提供為期三年的學歷課程。每年 9月/10月在新西蘭和澳大利亞舉行海選。國際學生可以提交視頻試鏡。學生必須達到一定水平的舞蹈和學術成就, 並有良好的英語水平, 能在學校學習。

平均80% 的畢業生在六月內獲得工作, 許多人加入了澳大利亞和國際舞蹈公司。
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Address/地址: Wellington, Wellington
Phone/電話:  0064 4 381 9252 
Fax Number/傳真:  0064 4 389 4996 
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Wellington South 6242 0064 4 381 9252